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Skydive The Ranch Crazy/Hot Matrix

This is what every new jumper needs to know about Ranch hands & skydiving at The Blue Sky Ranch. Documentary produced by the Sonic Bros. sharing their …405


Skydive 1970s

Skydive — the classic 1970s film by leading freefall photographer of the era, Carl Boenish. An original 16mm film print of this historic film is in the archives of the …822


The Innhopp Project: A Namibian skydiving adventure

As a skydiver your first jumps were something very special and a unique experience. Jumping at your dropzone and having spent a lot of time in the air you …2283


Jesse Skydiving.

Jesse jumped from a plane! Here’s my short documentary on the event.2009


[Eng sub]BAP MV "Skydive" Commentary

Making comment about new mv "Skydive" + I’m not an english speaker, so there will be a lot of failure in this video. So plz understand. Send me a message if …1086


Kara David's heartstopping skydive from 4,000 feet! | I-Witness

Kara David tells the story of paratroopers from the Philippine Air Force, or soldiers who bravely jump from planes. Not one to miss out, Kara undergoes intense …477


Sammy Adventures Ep 7: The Everest Skydive

Skydiving from the top of the world on the world’s highest drop zone, Everest Skydive is an extreme adventure hosted twice annually in Nepal. Read all about …721


AIR BORN – The Georgia Tech Skydive Club

A Documentary about the Georgia Tech Sport Parachute Club I shot and edited for my video production class at Georgia Tech For more info visit www.541


Flying through a Hurricane Eye wall

This is from a great documentary called Stormchasers which was originally created for imax. It’s on special at the moment for $5! You can purchase it here …257


Blue Holes Exploration Extreme Underwater Cave Diving Exploring the World's Deepest Blue Hole

A team of divers plunge in to explore the mysterious blue holes of the Bahamas. It is believed that these underwater time capsules formed during the last ice age, …3026