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Tag archives for Techniques

SAFETY FIRST Landing Pattern EPISODE 145 on Skydive Radio

Safety First with Brian Germain on Skydive Radio Episode #145 Topic: Landing Pattern.616


Skydivers, 1969

Extracts from a short promotional film on the making of the 1969 movie "The Gypsy Moths." The movie’s freefall sequences were an inspiration for South …526


parachute landings

Fourteen good and one bad landing at Skydive Delmarva, Laurel,DE on August 9, 2014 to provide examples for those who are learning to land their parachutes …167


Skydiving Technique – Simulated Skydiver Professional – Wildlands

When skydiving, one wants to make sure they have enough height to fall, and then begin following the techniques of a professional simulated skydiver as seen …179


Team GB's Accuracy skydiving at Skydive Dubai (6)

Team GB’s Accuracy skydiving at Skydive Dubai (6), by Dave Crowhurst Going out to more than 6000 UK and international skydivers bimonthly, Skydive The …74


Skydiving formations training – forgotten positions. DZ Pushino



Pilotwings 64 Skydiving Perfect Score trick

A nice trick at getting a perfect score in Pilotwings 64′s skydiving mission. This trick works so well, in fact, that I believe this video should also be used as a how-to …43


BPA Skydive the Expo 2017 – Mikey Lovemore: Speed Skydiving

Going out to more than 6000 UK and international skydivers bimonthly, Skydive The Mag offers the latest skydiving news, features packed with useful ideas, …1216


How to do a Side Slide

You too can learn how to perform the ultimate side slide in the Airkix wind tunnel, Claire Scott teaches you the perfect technique.73


Body Flight 1 Basic Body Position and Range of Motion

In the first installment of the Rhythm Body Flight series, JaNette describes the neutral FS body position. Join Rhythm at a Tunnel Workshop at Paraclete XP to …221