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How to Maintain Your Cookie G3 Skydiving Helmet

Proper maintenance of your Cookie G3 full-face skydiving helmet will ensure its best performance. In this video, Jason Cooke takes you through five tips for …277


SKYDIVING in FALLOUT 4 — Xtra Kredit on the Skooled Zone

Let’s try something a little different today. How about some Fallout 4 skydiving? Note 1: This is a detailed video where I show you all the various tips and tricks for …825


iFly Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel Practice. Pre AFF training. 1hr progression. 17of24. 033115 1208

First time in a wind tunnel. Zero skydiving experience (except 4 tandem jumps), with a desire to get a USPA A-license. Video #: 17 of 24 (1hr progression).150


My Experience Going Skydiving?! (New Years' Q&A)

I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty I asked you all on Instagram to leave me questions for this Q&A! Let me know if you want these …672


iFLY Dallas | Indoor Skydiving Competition

Wind Tunnel Flying at the "Flightmare Before Christmas" competition at iFLY Dallas, December 5-6, 2014. Various disciplines were judged, including: 2-way FS, …359


Texie's first time skydiving!

To celebrate my 18th birthday I decided to go skydiving! It was the most amazing experience ever. Enjoy :)243


First time SKYDIVING!

Tandem skydive at DC Skydiving Center in Warrenton, VA.388


Testing out Skydiving Simulator

Check it out: [removed] the game is still in progress but it’s really fun, if you are bored you should try this …1524



These are my best tips for backpacking in Singapore. You might be staying in a Singapore hostel on a budget, or heading there for the amazing Singapore …290


Different Types Of Morning Routines!

The Different Types Of Morning Routines!” GET THIS TO 200000 likes FOR A “Different Types Of Night Routines!" ***COMMENT BELOW which morning person …292